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Beach Villa Brazil
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Myhouseinparadise features two beachfront International Convention Centers and large outdoor events parks ( sport events and feiras ).

One smaller Convention Center I with capacity for 120 persons outdoor ( functional second part of december 2014 ) and one larger and more multifunctional Convention Center and outdoor areas ( feiras ) for events and social activities on medium term
( second half of december 2014 ).

All together we call it our integrated Convention and Event Center which can function indoor and / or outdoor
( All year round ideal weather ).

It is a logical response to a pent up regional demand but most of all because of the hudge potential of our infrastructures and logistics and hundreds of hectares beach development land strategically located in this very fast developing region ( International Airport Natal RN ) with the best climate ( all year round semi-arid or subtropical climate ) of Latin America.

The joint Convention Center will have direct access to the most important international city airport of Latin America
( Sao Goncalo do Amarante ) one of the few airports in the world with the ideal caracteristics to handle Airbus A380 airplanes.

The extended team sees this project with its unique location as the best suited of all Rio Grande do Norte ( RN ) and maybe of Brazil to host such a Beach International Convention Center.

Myhouseinparadise is located at the Corner / Cape of Brazil ( esquina ou Calcanhar do Brasil ) right in the middle of the region most suited for tourism of RN Brazil and probably of all of Brazil for its superior climate
( The most sunny side of the Sunshine State RN ).

Our project features at least two historical monuments ;
* The Calcanhar lighthouse that was purpose build and essential to liberate Europe and China etc. from the second World War
( For All - O Trampolim da Vitória ).
Essential together with the Natal airport constructed and managed by the allied forces ( see Rampa for Natal more info )
( )
* The Marco Zero ( km 0 BR-101 ) created by Oscar Niemeyer.

Such a Convention Center will further increase and guarantee rental and rental income in Myhouseinparadise and the region ( Touros, Sao Miguel de Gostoso, ... ).

We are certainly the ideal place for ;

health and therapies ( mineral water, purest air, reserve, ... ),
renewable energies ( sun, wind, ... ),
electrical vehicles ( sun, wind, renewable energies, ... ),
water sports,
furniture ( solar kiln wood drying, massive wood, workshop, managed forests ... ),

We focus on ;
health, spa, medicine, bio hormones, alternative therapies, water therapies, massage, sports, kite surf, sailing, renewable energies especially solar, smart grid, vehicle to grid, conversion to EV and hybrid, vintage cars to EV conversion, electrical vehicles also with extended range, formula E, gastronomy, tourism and hospitality, languages, IT, security, water sports, photography, conservation, water and wastewater, urban planning, outsourcing, research, forestry, agriculture, food, natural resources, furniture, fashion / textile, design, design clothing, modeling, clothing, agriculture, fishery, civil construction, aviation, finance, law, ...

Whoever will make use of our Convention Centers will have the advantage and comfort to make use of on-site, very high-end and very private hosting as well as all related facilities and logistics.

You can find 3D images of our actual convention center below.
We dispose of the original sketchup file.

As well as other villas in the same block as the convention center I.

Myhouseinparadise is a unique flexible multi-functional and multipurpose resort-convention-center
( Resort & Convention Center ).

It is also ecological, autonomous and will be served by one to three helipoints and possibly a private airport later.

Convention Center I

capacity of up to 120 persons outdoor

14 suites ( one apartment )
large garden ( private social area )
large solariums on first and second floor
two adult pools
one semi-olympic pool ( 25 m )
one jacuzzi
one pool for children
3 daybeds on groundfloor
elevator for 6-8 persons ending on the top solarium ( not yet installed )

Guests can stay nearby in the other villas in the same block 8 as the convention center ( but also in of the other 100 villas ).

Convention Center I
view from East

Villa first floor design under construction

view from South
Villa first floor design under construction

view from South East
Villa first floor design under construction

ground plan
Villa first floor design under construction

first floor plan
Villa first floor design under construction

second floor plan ( solaria with elevator exit and staircase terminals )
Villa first floor design under construction

Convention Center ( under construction )
Villa first floor design under construction

Villa first floor design under construction

Villa first floor design under construction

Villa first floor design under construction

Finishing will look more or less like this ( other villa in the same block )

The beach is never far ( direct access )

Myhouseinparadise is probably the only spa, condominium, beach resort and beach convention center in the world where you can be totally free of contact with chlorines, as well as all other sanitators, bacteria ( water ) and pollutants including hormones in general ( like estrogens and chemicals that mimic estrogens ).

Mimic hormones can harm the health of man and women and can cause healt problems as serious as cancer.

Convention Center Natal

The implementation of the Via Costeira ( Coastal Highway ), 10 km ( 6.2 miles ) long avenue along the shore and the dunes, was the true starting point for the beginning of tourist activity in the State in the 1980s.
That is where the main hotels of the capital city, Natal, are concentrated.
The city also boasts the second largest urban park in Brazil, the Parque das Dunas.
It is the capital of Brazil closest to Africa and Europe, and the International Airport connects Natal with many Brazilian cities and also operates international flights.
The city was one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Known as the "City of the Sun" and also as the "City of the Dunes" Natal is located in the northeastern tip of Brazil.
Lying about six degrees south of the equator the sun shines on for more than 3,000 hours every year.
The average temperature in Natal is about 27 degrees celsius.

convention center

convention center

beach convention center

resort convention center

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