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Mineral water ( no bacteria ) to all taps, showers, ...
No Chlorine water.

The water in the taps in Myhouseinparadie is sterile ( by nature ) and mineral.
It is directly and freshly delivered to your taps, showers, pool, jacuzzi and spa.
The mineral water does not contain any organic substance, algae or bacteria ( read contamination ), is sterile by nature ( without treatment ) and does not require nor contains chlorine.

Our mineral water is of a better quality and safer than any other mineral water you can buy elsewhere on a global scale as our water is absolutely sterile and mineral already by nature and there is no need of any additional treatment.

In Myhouseinparadise you will have no contact at all with chlorine nor its by-products ( trihalomethanes ) ( THMs ).
MHIP is one of the very seldom places on earth where you are absolutely free of this ( and many other ) health hazard (s).

Mineral Water even to pool, jacuzzi and spa :

The same superb sterile mineral water also fills the pools.

Drink (enough) healthy water !
Use healthy water for showering, bathing and swimming !