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Passive Income and even wealth can be generated in Myhouseinparadise by ;
* participation in our free rental management ( even when you enjoy your vacations in Myhouseinparadise every year over and over /
All year ),
* by participating in our off-site renewable energy generation project ( Passive energy income ) or
* by opting your villa to be an Energy Plus house
( Passive energy income ).

When participating in our off-site renewable energy generation project you can decide the amount of passive income you need or the wealth you want to generate.

You can increase the amounts of passive income over time according to your needs.

Passive rental income and Passive energy income do create none or extreme limited tax issues in Myhouseinparadise

Passive income will create no or very limited tax issues as
it at first decreases or eliminates your energy bill at house level
it decreases or eliminates your transportation bill ( if you opt for one or more electrical vehicles )
it decreases or eliminates your energy bill at condominium level

The excess energy that will be sold to the condominium and national ( possibly international ) grid is the only item that could induce taxes.

Note : if you participate in free rental management you will not have an energy bill at all and also no transportation bill and any possible taxes will be paid by us.

It is worth mentioning that conditions in the region for the generation of solar, wind, biofuels and biomassa energy are of the best in the world .
In fact the region and the whole Rio Grande do Norte ( Even unsubsidised ) is a hotspot for investments in renewable energies.
Many international small and big investors are landing.
Small ones often transfert all of their industry and capital.
Big ones start production of solar and wind farms and the production of solar panels and all kinds of parts of windturbines ( also towers ).

The state of Rio Grande do Norte ( about three times the size of Belgium ) is several times energy self-sufficient in renewable energies alone.

This creates sustainable economic growth but also an extreme energy-security.

Not spending ( on energy for your house or transport fuel ) is
like a kind of energy efficiency and a limited but the most efficient form of passive income and wealth creation.

Investing in a Myhouseinparadise villa ( All of them or Passive Houses, ZEB houses or even Energy Plus houses ) is creating wealth ( through energy efficiency and most of all by renewable energy generation ).

Also investing in an electrical vehicle ( if you would otherwise invest in a combustion motor vehicle ) creates additional wealth ( once investor in an Energy Plus house ).

Non of these forms of wealth creation can or will be taxed.

The excess energy from your Energy Plus House can be used to ;
* exchange/store or sell to the condominium ( smart grid ) ( services and amenities ) or to the ( national ) grid,
* charge your electrical vehicle. This directly ( slow ) or indirectly ( quick charge like 30 minutes or less ).

The excess energy from your Energy Plus Condominium can be used to ;
* charge or even quick charge your electrical vehicle at no extra cost
( even while the condominium is off-line or off-grid or during an outage / black-out )
* exchange/store or sell to the ( national ) grid

The energy stored in your electrical vehicle can be used as a backup for your house, the condominium or smart sold to the grid at peak hours ( at the highest possible price ).

Energy Plus houses are similar to both PassivHaus and ZEB but emphasize the production of more energy per year than they consume, e.g., annual energy performance of -25 kWh/m² is an Energy Plus house.

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Passive income is the sweat spot on income generation.
Passive income is wealth creation.

One should want this kind of income generation for themselves and their families in order to have the means to design the life you really want. Most people want this kind of passive income but for one reason or another never get it.

Money is not wealth.
Cash flow is NOT wealth. That is the thing that many people get wrong when they get a large sum of money or a large cash flow or even a small cash flow.
Wealth creation is an accumulation of assets, not money.

Bill Gates explains why energy will be the next generation of wealth creation.
Energy is an industry that needs to be addressed because it has pent up innovation that needs to be addressed and it is long overdue.
Now you have the ability to create wealth through energy.