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Villa first floor classic

Villa Colibri

Villa Lorenza

Villa Maria

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Spas, jacuzzis and pools

We are the only project that features perfectly sanitized spas, jacuzzis and pools filled with non-chlorine cristal clear and solar heated mineral water.

The same mineral water sterile by nature goes to all taps, showers & baths and regenerates, cleans and hydrate all your cells in the most complete way possible.

You can drink, shower, bath, swim and relax in mineral water without any contact with pollutants, bacteria, chlorine or other chemical sanitator.

Cristal clear, no odour, non-chlorine & healthy Mineral Water Spa, Jacuzzi & Pool

Exposure to natural non chlorinated mineral water makes you ( body, skin and hair ) hydrated, healthier and younger.

Myhouseinparadise is probably the only spa and condominium in the world where you can be totally free of contact with chlorines as well as all other sanitators, bacteria ( water ) and pollutants in general.

A pool, spa or jacuzzi will complement and increase the letting potential or the quality of life of you and your family,
as well as significantly help the capital appreciation of your villa.
It will realise a dream lifestyle or holiday for you, your family or your client.
The maintenance and upkeep of the pool, spa and or jacuzzi will be free if you participate in our free rental management.
If you will be living in the villa yourself you will be surprised that this unique luxury crystal clear water features with non-chlorine mineral water
are much cheaper and easier to maintain than any other traditional pool.

Warning : after experiencing our superb water features most people stop fully enjoying water features in other places than Myhouseinparadise.

other model as an example of our finishings

On completion of your villa, and in case the pool was not yet included, we can add a pool that will complement and increase its letting potential and your idea of a dream holiday, as well as significantly helping the capital appreciation of your villa.

The maintenance and upkeep of this pool will also be free if you participate in our rental management.

Pools are definitely the most important amenity by far, especially in our amazing paradisiacal climate.

A poorly designed pool, with water not ideally heated or treated, can have a negative effect.
Turning out not to be ecological but instead very expensive, especially if the water costs are high.
A well-designed pool with perfect water will give you the feeling of paradise, as will the pool's surroundings.
With a well thought out and designed pool, children will stay in and around a pool for the whole day, which is far more relaxing for the parents!
Families that arrive late at night can still play or linger in the pool until early in the morning, if they desire.
We have the ideal conditions to offer an "Ideal Pool" offering healthy bathing pleasure and spontaneous exercise.

Ideally the pool:
•Is filled up with mineral water and is filled up before your eyes while you unpack, when mineral water is used there is a minimal need for treatment.
•has a temperature at least 26 degrees Celsius, and the correct PH level.
•the water keeps flowing, is filtered and has jets with sufficient power at strategic places.
•has resting points (good for safety as well);
•has a comfortable and safe entry system.
•is an infinity pool with water running over the border preferably on the lee side of the wind..
•allows swimming in natural water, will not make the hair and skin dry due to chemicals but instead has a regenerating and healing effect.
•I is in an ideal location on your plot,
•can provide some shade above (tree, veranda, parasols) while still maintaining the ideal temperature.

•Repairs, maintenance, treatment, electricity, products of the pool (everything that is necessary to offer the ideal pool) are included with rental management.


Villa first floor classic

Villa Colibri

Villa Lorenza

Villa Maria

Villa first floor design under construction

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