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Solar microgeneration
This map shows the amount of solar energy in hours, received each day on an optimally tilted surface
during the worst month of the year

solar PV roof
This map shows that the Litoral Norte of Rio Grande do Norte is one of the only places in Brazil at he coast with very elevated solar potential.
Other places are the relatively short coast of Piaui and the east coast of Ceara.
Other places that have higher solar potential are very far inland and on higher altitudes and known for very arid conditions.

This map at the same time proves MHIP's superior climate, as plenty of sun is combined with little humidity and almost no rain during the day.
Elevated humidity combined with elevated temperature in certain tropical regions results in a high heat index and makes you sweat very easely and feel less comfortable with the high temperature and the sun.

Effects of Temperature :

In addition the relative low temperature of 27 °C ( comfortable heat index or HI at least for a tropical zone ) in RN and MHIP
( mostly because of the cooling effect of the constant breeze )
as well as a high albedo caused by the ocean will further improve the efficiency of solar panels in MHIP.
The average temperature in Natal and RN is about 27 degrees celsius.
Most photovoltaic modules made with crystalline silicon are known to decrease by 0.5 percent per Celsius degree as the temperature increases.
Crystalline- silicon technologies dominate the market by far.

Panel Mounting and Positioning ;

The two important factors here are the angle at which the panels are mounted and the amount of sunsine falling on the particular location / avoidance of shade.
Small areas of shade on a panel can have a significant effect on the power produced.

Partial Shading :
In addition the high angle of the sun in RN and MHIP ( because it is extremely close to the equator )
will further improve the efficiency of solar panels because the angle of 90° is the ideal angle and the high passage of the sun will reduce the amount of shadow that will fall from other objects in the neighbourhood.
A shadow falling on a small part of a panel can have a surprisingly large effect on output.
Not only will the cells that are shaded be producing less power, but as the cells within a panel are normally all wired in series, the shaded cells afffect the current flow of the whole panel.
If the affected panel is wired in series (in a string) with other panels, then the output of all those panels will be affected by the partial shading of one panel.

MHIP solar PV panel roof ( PV roof ) :

Aside from featuring healthy mineral water to taps and pools ( without chlorine ), plenty of fresh, natural and healthy food, solar coocking, an inexpensive luxury lifestyle and so many others, we also can feature the ideal solar roof for substantial microgeneration and significant sustainable income !

This combines extreme low costs with substantial permanent income.
The solar panels will produce more or less the same amount all year round.

We build villas and houses specially designed to feature solar PV panels and similar microgeneration units and to make access, monitoring and maintenance as easy as can be ( you access the roof or better solarium by a large comfortable stairs and enjoy the unique ocean view at the same time ).

If the villa is foreseen with a solar PV roof than we will also foresee all the infrastructure and the logistics
( connections to villa and grid and a house / conduits / housing for the electrical panel and inverter(s) )

We feature several models of villas and houses where the solar PV panels as the whole of the microgeneration unit stays invisible.
Even while you are on the top roof solarium ( tanning, skywatching, starwatching or just amazing about the more than 180 ° view to the ocean and an equal view to the reserve surrounding ) we can make you still not see the solar panels.

The production with a given solar panel will be much more in the NE of Brazil than anywhere in Europe
( about 5 times more in Rio Grande do Norte with 780 a 800 watts of radiation per m² ).

Since the location of Myhouseinparadise is more extreme NE and the amount of sun is significantly higher than in the rest of RN the production and income generation in MHIP will be 8 fold of generation in Northern Europe
( including UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Northern Italy ).

All excess production will be fed into the grid.

This kind of microgeneration will not be taxed even not if installed in residencies
( if less than 1 MW installation wich represents about 1000 families )
and will be paid at the price other consumers pay. All this is regulated by Brazilian law.

Please keep in mind that the region and MHIP feature all other important aspects for sustainable, ecological and comfortable living on and off-site with great possibilities to generate significant income such as ;

* sustainable access to mineral and non mineral water ( for agriculture, human consumption and tourism )
* an exceptionally large potential for windenergy
* Brazil is a very important and growing source of food for the world
* The region is known to produce of the best fruits of the world ( pineapple, papaya and many others )
* Brazil and the region have the richest iron ore mines of the world ( iron for steel reserves for the world for over 800 years )

Brazil’s 10-year energy plan :
Brazil’s 10-year energy plan outlines how the country will triple its use of renewable energy by 2020.
Industry leading solar project developers and solution providers from all over the globe are looking to break into the Brazilian solar energy market and capitalise on the lucrative opportunities available.
They did not earlier because regulation was not in place yet.

Solar energy attracts international investors to RN / Energia solar atrai investidores ao RN
( only in Portuguese )

The largest International solar panel poducers want to fabricate locally because of the abundance of the right kind of sand an sustainable cheap energy.
The North of Rio Grande do Norte is their favorite location.
The constant sea breeze helps to cool down the solar panels and this also increases the rendement and durability of the solar central.

In Natal 90 % of the hotels uses solar energy to heat their water ( some are able to reduce their energy bill with 45 % apart from avoiding peak consumption ).

solar PV roof
Camy Condon, 73 years young, sociologist, is a vast promotor of several kinds of solar energy.
She spends 9 months a year in Natal and produces solar ovens and solar cookers etc herself.
Her house looks more like a museum of solar equipments.

What is a Solar Oven?

A Solar Oven is probably the best & easiest type of Solar Cooker to use.
There are other designs ( i.e. panel cookers and parabolic cookers ) but they both have disadvantages.

A Panel Cooker doesn't get very hot, so takes a long time to cook and cannot bake etc.
A parabolic cooker is large, expensive and requires continual adjustment - they can also easily burn food and are very dangerous.
Neither of these desings keep the food hot after it is cooked.

A Solar Oven often gets hotter than a panel cooker and it's heat is more even & useable.
Solar Ovens generally keep the food hotter than the other designs too.

Basically the rays of the sun enter the oven & are turned to heat by the inner surface.
This heat is then trapped & the temperature rises quickly & evenly.

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Villa first floor classic

Villa Colibri

Villa Lorenza

Villa Maria

Villa first floor design under construction

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