Health Spa Villa
We love to combine a pool with jacuzzi or hot-tub with jets and lights, waterfall ( infinity edge ), couch(es), roman steps, low submerged area(s), infinity area(s), directional submerged hydromassage jets and portable hydromassage lance jets and submerged lights ( all in one pool or pool area ).

All water features are kept perfectly crystal clean and clear with an innovative,
low cost, maintenance & eco-friendly system that makes use of UV light from the sun for
the most crystal clear and healthy sanitation

Beach Villa Brazil


Health Spa Beach villas that make you younger and healthier every time you enjoy.
We feature the only beach condominium were you do not have any contact with chlorine water.
Here is the only place where your skin and lungs ( body ) can recover and naturally repair or cure
its wrinkles or lung epithelia from chlorine water exposure damage and air pollution damage ( health spa ).
Here you will feel 100 % healthy and breathe free.

Come and see this with your own eyes soon.
A short eco-luxury inspection visit is a small investment when it regards your quality of life, health and future.
Our mineral water and pools are infinite, our stock of villas is not !

You can check this out, there is only us : always mineral water, no contact with chlorine at all and 12 months a year of tropical climate at the beach.