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Beach Villa Brazil
 You are in : Cristal clear, no odour, non-chlorine & healthy Spa, Jacuzzi & Pool
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We are the only project that features perfectly crystal clear and perfectly sanitized spas, jacuzzis and pools.
This without chlorine or other chemical sanitator.
This is only possible because of a unique essential add-up;
filled with mineral water already sterile by nature ( this is unique and is essential for what we claim and prove every day ),
sufficient natural solar UV every day all year round,
pool design that fully allows the natural solar UV to naturaly sanitate the mineral water.

Exposure to healthy non chlorinated water makes you ( body, skin and hair ) hydrated, healthier and younger.

Beach Villa Brazil

Beach Villa Brazil


Cristal clear waters without chlorine are possible only because a unique combination of abundant and clear ( sterile by nature ) mineral water, unique climate and unique pool design ( and the research and skills needed to beable to build them ).
Swimming, relaxing and vacation lifestyle in all comfort and with the full range of positive health effects without any health hazard or other hazards whatsoever is only possible in MHIP.

The pool design without the perfect weather and climate would simply not work ( this perfect ).
Only one element missing and it would not work.
The unique combination of these ingredients results in a very simple and robust but also extremely efficient pool sanitation system.a) pool design with 100 % efficient and robust filtration ( no mixing or contamination of filtered water with still unfiltered water as is the case in all other pools and sanitation systems ) based on mostly very simple physical laws.
In other words in all other pools the filtered water mixes with ( is contaminated by ) the still unfiltered water causing inefficient filtering and sanitation and exposing the swimmers or users to unnecessary risks and demanding a high level of chlorination ( a almost taboo but very serious health treat )
b) all filtered water undergoes intense UV exposure and sanitation and solar heating ( in large undeep water as in submerged areas ) before passing the filter and once more after passing the filter ( killing all bacteria and possible pathogens plus destroying all chloramines if presen t) as well as extensive but ongoing UV sanitation once again back in the pool.
c) the water is so crystal clear that the UV constantly sanitizes the water at all levels of the pool although in a less intense way
( again killing possible bacteria and possible pathogens if newly introduced )
( if the use of the water feature or pool is correct no residual is needed )

d) the crystal clear water is so efficiently filtered and clear ( read also totally without nutrients for bacteria an algae ) that algae or bacteria simply cannot develop

The simple fact of having of a few cloudy days ( especially if rainy ) ( which is very rare in MHIP ) makes limited ( about 5 % of what a normal pool would need ) sanitation with chlorine or another sanitator recommended.
This additional sanitation can be done preventively or on a regular basis acting as a shock ( a chock in our case means a quantity of chlorine or other sanitator that is inferior or insignificant to the quantity needed for standard maintenance levels in a normal pool ).
Regular means once a week in the case of personal use ( respecting normal rules such as taking a shower before entering the pool etc ).
After such minimum shock treatment ( let us say during a night ) the same unique pool design ( with the help of the waterfall(s) ) will eliminate chlorine residual again for another week of chlorine free use of your pool (or water feature )( elimination of chlorine and chloramines happens in no time by evaporation, intense uv sanitation and filtering if this elimination is desired ).
If all this seems expensive or complicate to you, we can assure you it is not.
This because it is all based on pool design ( one time cost and effort ) simple physical laws ( no cost or effort ), ideal climate ( no cost or effort ) and sterile mineral water ( without organical particles ) to start with.
We provide sterile mineral water at the same or lower price than standard water from standard public water mains
( this is guaranteed in the contract ).

Our pools do not have the typical odor pools normally have because they simply do not create the ( cancigenerous ) chloraminates other pools produce.
They do not contain chloraminates because chloraminates are the result of an interaction between of organic particles ( including algae and bacteria ) and the chlorine a normal pool with normal water and sanitation demands to remain safe and sanitated.
Our pools do not contain organic particles ( incluing bacteria ) because they are efficiently filtered out at various levels and or are destroyed by UV and or were not introduced with the water ( to fill up ) in the first place ( because the introduced water is sterile mineral water with total absence of organic particles and bacteria ).
Our pools do not contain chlorine ( nor the subsequent cancigenerous chloramines ) because it is not introduced with the water in the first place.If under certain conditions ( rare cloudy days ) a ( minimal ) chlorine shock is provoked than the low chlorine concentration is quickly evaporated by the waterfalls, cascades, large surface areas with high temperature and the intense UV treatment that destroys chlorine and possible chloramines.Come and see, it all makes sense and becomes obvious when you see and experiment it yourself.

A warning : taking a shower or having a swim will never be the same afterwards.
You probably will be hooked up for to the ideal lifestyle.

We build spas, jacuzzis and pools with a unique sanitation system that heats, filters, oxygenates and UV treats the water.
This in addition of the mineral water we use to fill the spas jacuzzis or pools.
This results in perfect water quality and swimmer comfort with no hair and skin damage nor chemical odors, and only very positive health effects. This unique system is very effective and extremely low maintenance.
The maximum and intense exposure to UV takes place in the undeep water in the large specially for sanitation designed infinity and submerged areas ( area molhada and area submersa ).
Mostly there UV destroys harmful organisms ( in addition UV destroys nearly 100% of chlorine byproducts and chloramines ).
UV is our primary sanitizer.
UV does not generate any chemicals, adds nothing to the pool, and destroys DBP.
You cannot over treat your pool with UV.
The additional heating takes place in undeep water in the large infinity and submerged parts
( we like to use darker mosaic tiles in the undeep areas for this reason ).
When the water temperature rises, the disinfection process is much faster
( synergistic effects of UV radiation and temperature further enhance the disinfection efficiency ).
Our very intensive oxygenation takes place in a large number of special jets, waterfall(s), wide overflows to the infinity area, but also by the increased surface area in most cases also exposed to the constant sea breeze.
The use of mineral water and constant good filtering minimalises creation of organic matter.
This is also important to avoid formation of undesired by-products.
Our pools feature surface AND ground filtering/separation in pool AND the large infinity area AND again in the reservoir in the pool house.
After filtering/separation the water is directly led to the pump filter and then to the main filter.
This six fold filtering on 3 locations is very unusual ( normally only ground filtering in the pool takes place ).
UV-A ( wavelength 320-400 nm ) reacts with oxygen dissolved in the water and further enhances the desired sanitation and or disinfection.

UV is our primary sanitizer.
Only on a cloudy day ( in extreme La Nina cycle ) we need additional monitoring and possibly additional sanitation.
All our pools have a large special housing ( pump house ) to fit all kinds of ( extra ) alternative sanitation systems for those who desire ( not necessay or recommended ).
The pump house features a large tank that can be used for floating chlorine holders if desired ( not necessay or recommended ), all safely kept away from children and the users.
This way possible fats and other deposits are led away from the spa jacuzzi or pool and contained in this tucked away reservoir in the pump house and cleaned during maintenance if necessary.
Any water from the pump house will pass through the filters before it will be returned to the spa, jacuzzi or pool ( through jets or waterfalls ).
If and when chlorination is desired by the Owner the chlorine can be very quickly eliminated by the system trough a burst of the combined synergistic effects of UV exposure, evaporation and oxygenation in the waterfalls and large water surface and heating.

Who advocates UV and who is using UV technology for swimming pools?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes UV as a proven technology:
"Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been found to be an effective disinfectant….
Simplicity of installation, ease of operation and maintenance, and low costs relative to chemical disinfection, make UV a useful disinfection technology option."
The World Health Organization recommended UV for swimming pool sanitization.
The State of New York requires UV sterilizers on all water parks.
The Olympic Games in Athens, Sydney, and Beijing utilized UV lights for their swimming pools.
Texas A&M University, University of Texas and Yale University use UV to purify their swimming pools.

UV oxidizes all the contaminants and organic matter in pool water, so any residual sanitizer is not consumed.

Most experts agree that a low 0.5 ppm level of Free Available Chlorine is safe and does not pose a health risk.
Chlorine side effects are eliminated at this low chlorine level.

The World Health Organization (uv-news.html) has stated that 0.5 ppm free chlorine is effective when UV is used.


Maintaining proper pH is very important to maintaining neutral water that does not burn your eyes.
High chlorine levels and high combined chlorine can cause a high variation in pH.
A pool which has UV in use will tend to have a very stable pH and alkalinity, so adjustments will be less frequent.
Our unique system that heats, filters, oxygenates and UV treats in combination with correct use of the pool makes that no adjustments are needed.


Normal or standard pools are pools with high chlorine content ( high chlorine pools ) :
When chlorine combines with oils and organic matter (insufficient filtering), harmful by-products called Trihalomethanes (THMs) are formed.
Chloramines are a byproduct of high chlorine pools without special measures and are known to cause a host of problems in swimming pools, from the foul odor to burning eyes, and skin irritation.
In addition, they have been linked to much more serious conditions such as "swimmers asthma" and bladder cancer.
Pool owners that want additional sanitation could use no chlorine by choosing other residual sanitizers such as hydrogen peroxide .
Ozone and Salt systems have also many drawbacks.
Both systems are very climate dependent.
Both systems generate chemical additives to your pool.
Both systems require significant monitoring to avoid cloudy water and algae outbreaks.


UV destroys a broader amount of Bacteria, Germs, Virus and Algae than all other systems.
Municipal water treatment facilities are converting to UV above all other technologies for Drinking Water treatment.
With a minimal amount of residual alternative sanitizer ( i.e. 0.5 to 2.0 ppm Chlorine for example )

UV almost perfectly unlinks the hypochlorous acid from ammonia, destroying unwanted combined chlorine, also known as chloramines.


We have the ideal conditions to offer an "Ideal Pool" offering healthy bathing pleasure and spontaneous exercise.

You never had a good or perfect swim if you did not have one in Myhouseinparadise.


Rio Grande do Norte ( the region West from Touros has one of the purest salts of the world and is one of the biggest exporters of the world )
( because of perfect combination of the purest seawater, purest air and lots of sun because of a unique semi-arid climate at the equator ).

If you would want to add salt to your pool it would work as an additional and residual sanitizer and is known to have therapeutical effects.
We can make you can run your jacuzzi salt ( only temporarily if you wish ) and your pool fresh or the other way around.

The combination of ( bath ) sea salts and water is the basis of many powerful therapeutic treatments.

Estheticians emphasize the cleansing properties of a sea salt bath to clean pores and to detoxify the body.
Cancer patients use water therapy to help deal with radiation treatments.
There are even water therapies and therapeutic bath salts you can use on a daily or weekly basis in your own home.

It is now known that sea salt therapy is an effective treatment that assists in the rejuvenation of the cells and also induces a healthy exchange of minerals etc between the blood and the water.

"We * are quite convinced, based on this study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water." -
(*) Medical College Of Wisconsin research team.

The addition of chlorine to our drinking water began in the late 1800s and by 1904 was the standard in water treatment, and for the most part remains so today.
In spite of all our technological advances, we essentially still pour bleach in our water before we drink it.
The long term effects of chlorinated drinking water have just recently being recognized.
According to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality,
“Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.”

One of the most shocking components to all of these studies is that up to 2/3s of our harmful exposure to chlorine is due to inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering.
A warm shower opens up the pores of the skin and allows for excelerated absorption of chlorine and other chemicals in water.
The steam we inhale while showering can contain up to 50 times the level of chemicals than tap water due to the fact that chlorine and most other contaminants vaporize much faster and at a lower temperature than water.
Inhalation is a much more harmful means of exposure since the chlorine gas (chloroform) we inhale goes directly into our blood stream.
When we drink contaminated water the toxins are partially filtered out by our kidneys and digestive system.
Chlorine vapors are known to be a strong irritant to the sensitive tissue and bronchial passages inside our lungs, it was used as a chemical weapon in World War II.
The inhalation of chlorine is a suspected cause of asthma and bronchitis, especially in children… which has increased 300% in the last two decades. “
Showering is suspected as the primary cause of elevated levels of chloroform in nearly every home because of chlorine in the water.”
Dr Lance Wallace, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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