What makes us unique and more succesful ?

* highest quality and variation of villas, spas, jacuzzis and pools
* abundant mineral non-chorine water to taps, showers, spas, jacuzzis & pools ( sterile by nature, fresh and direct ) ( Healthy water )
* sanitation ( and filtering ) of spas, jacuzzis and pools without hazardous effects for your wellbeing and health (
Crystal / Sanitation )
( normally jacuzzis have no filtering at all )
* best climate of Brazil ( constant refreshing by constant sea breeze ) ( most constant of Brazil ) ( Micro Climate )
* cross ventilated villas ( all rooms are cross ventilated, no need for unhealthy air conditioning, no loss of comfort ).
* ideal beach and pool climate ( 12 months a year, day and night )
* ideal climate for outdoor living ( 12 months a year, day and night )
* unique location (
Location )
* long, private, secluded beach
* beachfront amenities, resort and restaurant with over 180 ° panoramic view to the ocean
* Best logistics (
Full service package AND Free Rental Management Option )
* Purest air ( MHIP is Located in the region with the purest air according to Nasa ).

* Most secure and private project

Sun every day and temperatures around 28 °C all year long keep your pool at more than 26 ° C ( all year long and day and night )
this without any additional heating.
Most spectacular Pools, spas, jacuzzis & Amenities (
Pool )

Easy step in and Spread Payments.
Prime Property Investment and Property Hotspot at
Kilometre Zero BR-101 Natal Touros
Full service package.
 Free Rental Management Option.
Ideal beach and pool climate.
Sun every day and temperatures around 28 °C all year long keep your pool at more than 26 ° C ( day and night ) without any heating.
Spectacular Pools, spa, jacuzzi & Amenities
Mineral water to taps and pool.
Highest quality.
Purest air.
Great and secure Investment you can afford.
Great Pool & Beach Lifestyle you can afford.

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Beach Villa Brazil

Beach Villa Brazil

We feature many new and even better models that are perfect for Vacation Rental or Apart Hotel but we did not find time yet to show them in this site.

Please make an inspection visit or have a investment holiday and find out for yourself that this is a unique and the best project for vacation rental investements.

Vacation Rental or Apart Hotel
( or also called : holiday let, villa rental, holiday homes rental, holiday houses rental, ...).
Such properties are called Vacation Rental Homes ( or also called : Vacation House, Vacation Homes, Holiday Homes, Holiday Apartments, Vaction Rental Houses, ... ).

Our Vacation Rental Homes can be used for you to live ( they are flex ), for you and your family and friends to have splendid holidays or for lucrative rental management.
Each of our Vacation Rental Homes can be seen as a small hotel ( Apart Hotel ) in the N° 1 Hotspot of the years to come with the best beach and pool weather all year round.

Vacation rental means : renting out a furnished apartment or house on a temporary basis to tourists ( as an alternative to a hotel )
more info on external sites as : Vacation rental ( external site wikipedia )

Typical for (and ideally) our Full Vacation Rental Homes :
they have a large spectacular infinity pool with large safe and comfortable Roman steps and a large lower level wet area ( for ideal maintenance, lower costs, minimized use of chemicals and cristalline waters and because of this offer a unique Lifestyle ),
they have an outdoor kitchen and barbecue ( BBQ ),
all rooms are comfortable suites ( no need to look for the bathroom and leave the privacy of the room at night ),
these homes are flex ( all suites and levels can be accessed separately ) ( it is direct and easy to split a double floor house in two floors or houses )

The models above have all caracteristics of our perfect Full Vacation Rental Homes & Apart Hotels.

However, for the most demanding investor we also offer personal design.

You can hire or contract us to manage the business of your vacation rentals.
We market your vacation rental property, providing information and photos to guests and handling reservations and billing in your stead.
We also handle details such as guest check-in, housekeeping and property maintenance.

There are other such specialty agencies throughout the region.

However guests who book through our vacation rental management may experience benefits including quality control, housekeeping services, professional reservations agents and on-site or on-call staff.
In some cases we provide furniture and even features at our own cost.

Your Villa can be easely and safely booked via the internet by clients.
We have great familiarity with the region and all properties managed by us ( after all we planned, build and developed it ).
We handle official booking/rental agreements and generally standardized booking procedures, cancellation policies, key collection, etc.

Unlike many listing services and agencies we bear legal responsibility for the accuracy of our information.

We will provide references from past renters and offer a lease agreement prior to the client sending money.

We offer deposit and payment requirements, cancellation policies, key-pick-up procedures, etc., and a guest must not contact you or your agent in order to book.

We guarantee that your and all our properties and services are as described.
Your and all our property will be made even better than they look in the photos.
Other Owners and User reviews can confirm this.