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We have three rows of icons that represent some of our models, but there are still many models of villas not represented in this website.
Please visit us to see our full range of superb villas.

1) The first row ( above ) of 4 icons are some of our large range of "ready to live in" villas.
Villas that are also ready to live in or ready to be rented out.

2) The second row ( above ) of icons represent some of our models already build but not necessarrely ready for you to live in because they were build for some of our clients/Owners or it are villas of our own not yet presented as "ready to live in" villa.

3) The third row of icons are elements or parts of houses such as pools, livings, gardens, suites and kitchens and they are not necessarily limited to a certain type of villa.
You can click these icons to see how we build or some of the possibilities you have when you decide to build with us.
But you can come up with your own design or suggestions.

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Gardens Kitchens


Click on the photos ( mosaic of villa models ) above to see large and more photos and info of the models !

Please see the short text blocks below in purple,
they contain info that could be of mayor importance for your future investments and lifestyle !

See the text blocks below them for general info about all the models !

beach villa brazil with pool


Investing in any Passive house Villa in Myhouseinparadise will offer you a luxury beach lifestyle and sustainable wealth creation.
This rare combination comes without reduction of modern conveniences and at no extra cost , in fact very much on the contrary.

All our models of villas are passive houses, ultra-low energy buildings that require no energy for heating or cooling ( ZEB ).


We are the only project that features perfectly sanitized spas, jacuzzis and pools filled with non-chlorine cristal clear and solar heated mineral water.

The same mineral water sterile by nature goes to all taps, showers & baths and regenerates, cleans and hydrate all your cells in the most complete way possible.

You can drink, shower, bath, swim and relax in mineral water without any contact with pollutants, bacteria, chlorine or other chemical sanitator.

Cristal clear, no odour, non-chlorine & healthy Mineral Water Spa, Jacuzzi & Pool

Water is essential in life and regeneration.
But only exposure to natural non chlorinated mineral water makes you ( body, skin and hair ) hydrated, healthier and younger.

Water is solar heated.

Myhouseinparadise is probably the only spa and condominium in the world where you can be totally free of contact with chlorines as well as all other sanitators, bacteria ( water ) and pollutants in general.

Most people start to heal spontaneously from some kind of health issue they suffer often in a matter of weeks.

All our villas are very bright villas excellent for unique and very private outdoor living 12 months a year around the private spa and pool
( optional in some cases ).

They have 2 to 8 or even more en-suite bedrooms ( double beds) , spacious living, spacious open plan ( semi-outdoor and with island/bar or island and bar ) kitchen directly connected to outdoor, garden and pool.

One or more additional rooms or suites possible also depending on the plot size.

Kitchen fully furnished ( white goods optional ) .
Kitchen with internal garden ( possible in some models ), outdoor bar ( possible in all models ) and work block(s).

Bathrooms fully furnished ( wet room bathrooms ideal for this tropical climate, dry naturally in a matter of minutes and stay clean because of the soft mineral water.

Social bathroom and laundry.

Solarium on top of the roof possible in most models ( sunbathing, stargazing, panoramic views of ocean, lighthouse, dunes, sunset , ....

Inclusive freehold plot already registered in the notary ( which speeds up very much the deed )
5 years guarantee.

Direct access to the on-site spectacular beachfront amenities, restaurants & bars.

Spread Payments.

If you have your villa managed by us ( rental property owners enjoy a completely hands-off, rent-ready turn-key solution ).
we can fully furnish including white goods and anything else one needs to enjoy a relaxed and hassle-free vacation.

In more than 50 % of our builds we end up making client orientated significant improvements to our models without any price increment

Eco Luxury Villa : luxury, comfort and design and yet economical and ecological.

Zero Energy House : Sustainable, eco-friendly, solar-powered design.

Self sustaining house : does not need energy for heating or cooling, can generate its own energy needs, guarantee its own water and produce limited amounts of food ( fruits, vegetables, herbs, ... ).

Mineral water to all taps, showers, private spas (*) & pools (*).

Water from utility already pre-heated with solar energy until 27-28 °C.

Rainfall showerheads in the bathrooms on request without additional cost.

Pre-installation for Photovoltaic ( PV ) solar panels for energy generation.

Pre-installation for electric car ( EV ) ( can be fed by own PV solar panels or can take in from our smart grid at low cost ).

Master Suites on the ground floor have direct access to garden and pool or have a private garden ( especially if opted for a larger plot ).
( Master Suites on the first floor can have a private garden accessible going down a private stairs ) ( especially if opted for a larger plot ).
The private garden fits a pool or a dippool and a jacuzzi ( HotTub ).

Villas with first floor can be a combination of a luxury mastersuite, bureau / gym and solarium.

From the first floor you have a spectacular view to your private garden with your private amenities.
Inside the standard plot there is space to park at least one standard to big car.
Larger plots or additional plots fit many more cars or other amenities ( ask for plans ).

Many exotic social amenities included and contractually guaranteed.

We are one of the very few also offering fixed prices in Euro, Dollar or Pound.

All models have many variations.
Be welcome for more information.

Do not hesitate to make contact :
For all information and enquiries in English, Dutch, Portuguese and French
For information and general enquiries in English, Portuguese, Dutch and French by owner and developer

2 en-suite bedrooms ( double bed ), large well ventilated living,
Open plan kitchen and outdoor bar
High ceilings and cross ventilation for perfect cooling

Abundant light
3th suite possible
no need for airconditioning or heating

Cottage on 200 m² plot

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

Cottage with 3 suites on a 400 m² plot
Casa de praia Natal Brasil a venda

Casa de praia Natal Brasil a venda
We have this model in 3 D in Google Sketchup

Cottage on a 400 m² plot

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

In the evening
This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below

This is a photo of an older version of the images you find below


Exotic Villa with 2 suites including plot and amenities.
Fully furnished including white goods and anything else one need to enjoy a relaxed and
hassle-free vacation if you participate in our rental program ( limited availability ).

We offer several versions of this superb small Outdoor Villa with no premium to pay
While the actual page holds general images of the villa, the individual features are shown in the links below :

400 m² plot ( 2 times a 10x20 m freehold plot leaves the possibilty to build a second villa in the future )

most basic configuration for 10x20 m plot (but with standard veranda)

most basic but with standard veranda on 10x20 m plot

Very spacious feeling because of direct connection with the garden and internal or backyard garden through large double doors or sliding doors
of more than 180 cm and ample possibilities for a medium to large swimming pool.
Two ensuite bedrooms and open plan kitchen and living.

This image shows our "special edition Cottage" with additional verandas a pool and an extra large plot.

This outdoor Cottage is suited for a family but still the Mastersuite can feature a totally private backyard with a private pool dip pool or Jacuzzi.

Of course the features in this location can be used by all if this is the choice.

Perfectly ventilated villa.

Brazilian Outdoor Cottage including 10 x 20 m plot

A variety of exotic amenities are already in place and guaranteed by contract
together with 5 years guaranty on the build.

Also this model features several variations, feel free to ask for info or plans.

later extention with an extra room possible (even with the pool etc already in place in the backyard)

READY to live in
for rental
Beach Villa  with pool Brazil suite Beach Villa  with pool Brazil

Casa Blanca / 3 bedr.

Villa first floor classic Villa Colibri Villa Lorenza Villa Maria Villa first floor design under construction
Villa Cottage
Villa Colibri

Villa Lorenza w pool

Villa Maria
Villa first floor design w pool

Pools Livings Gardens Kitchens



Fernando de Noronha

MOST COMPLETE Spa, Resort and Park

The project as it is at this very moment is a luxury beach residential park, model for the region with over 100 villas most with private pools and many other amenities and has a lodging capacity for 800 persons.
3 km of beachfront with a lot of privacy ( you have the impression you are on an island )
The many photos on this page and site show the extension and outstanding quality of this project, its villas and pools.

* Restaurant
international and regional food prepared with mineral water
fresh food and sea-food

* Free internet
Most houses have free internet ( please check out your house ), free internet in hotspots all around the Resort.

* Free parking
and free parking areas
All our houses have space to park cars.
Apart from this Parking places are publicly available on site ( no need to make a reservation ).

* Services
Car rental, shuttle service ( optional ), transfers / shuttle to and from airport ( opcional ).
Languages : Portuguese and English ( large international community )

It will be the most complete Spa, Resort and Park of Brazil soon with

* Beachfront Condominium
( with Spa, sports, cycling paths, Paved Walkway also along Beachfront and in dunes and reserve, underground cabling and sanitation )

* Escape & Rejuvenate Spa
( increasing telomere length )
( detoxification/detoxing, thalassotherapy pool, mineral salts pool , UV sanitation of the mineral water, no chlorine )

* Medical assistance.
Center for preventive medicine, a Medical Group Practice ( centro de medicina precentiva e spa ).
To keep the health and well-being of clients as its focus.
Services include contemporary and functional medical testing, individualized health assessments, natural medical and nutritional therapies, and more.

* Waterpark
( sanitation with the unique MHIP UV treatment, solar heating ).

* Extreme Kitesurf
( ideal for practicing downwind trips and kite safaris, fast lane with 20 km wide avenue without commercial ships, temperature of the water from 26 to 28 °C, consistent, steady side-onshore winds ( 10 to 35+ knots ).
Long distance high speed travel with support crew along the tropical ocean shore with perfect beaches / course racing / ideal for controlled flying and jumping / coaching with speedboat and video covering including with drone possible ).
During trips the iconic landmark Farol do Calcanhar ( highest lighthouse of Latin America ) stays clearly in view as a physical guiding beacon.
Launch area with the most consistent wind.
equipment rentals.

* Olympic park
( providing Sports Training and First Aid services, ideal conditions, water without chlorine, temperature of the ocean and training pool water from 26 to 28 °C ).

* Convention Center VIP

* Regional Service Center ( Civil and Environmental Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Real Estate Agents, Sports, Events, Excursions )

* Public Parking Garages

* Car and bicycle rental ( also EV ) and EV quick charge stations.

* Horseback Rides on the Beach, Trails and Sand Dunes.

* Horeca and nightlife square with many exotic and seafood restaurants, shops and coffee bars to choose from.
an internet hotspot with an internet cafe.

* Outdoor event center / park / ocean & dune trails in ecological reserve .

* Boat Trips & Excursions.

* Regional market
( fully equipped, toilets, refrigeration and protection of foods, comfortable stands offering shadow, shuttle and transportation of goods to parking plots with EV quick charge stations ).

* Interconnected bicycle network will allow cyclists of all ages and experience levels to commute and recreate.

* Heliport.
* Security.

* Energy, water and (organically grown) food independency and security.