Myhouseinparadise is a real champion when it comes to ZEB.

We are the only project working with ;

passive cooling, crossventilation, solar microgeneration infrastructure and logistics, solar heating and uv sanitation of the pool, mineral water in taps and spa, jacuzzi & pool.

This makes that your dream villa does not need heating nor cooling.
So get rid of the need for airconditioning and enjoy outdoor living and the superb climate to the maximum.

And it is all included in the price.

All this makes you can live a recession free life with lots of lifestyle and quality of life.

All this in the most healthy environment with healthy mineral water in your tap and pool , healthy food and with a maximum of Wellness.

The water in the taps, showers and water features in Myhouseinparadie is sterile mineral water ( by nature ) and freshly delivered to your tap.
It does not contain any organical substance, is sterile and does not require or contains chlorine.

Plan your inspection visit as soon as possible and see all this with your own eyes.
See some photos for now.

All our models of villas are passive houses ( Passivhaus in German ) wich refers to a rigorous, voluntary, standard for energy efficiency, reducing its ecological footprint.
It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little (or no in some cases) energy for heating or cooling and no energy at all for space heating.

All our models are net zero-energy buildings ( ZEB is a building that over a year does not use more energy than it generates ).
The unique subtropical climate with constant seabreeze even while in a tropical zone makes there is no need for additional ventilation or dehumification and no need to reduce the humidity load of ventilation on the mechanical dehumidification system.
Instead we integrate at no additional cost passive cooling
( energy-consuming mechanical components like pumps and fans are not used ) and other solutions in passive solar building design to optimize comfort.
All our villas feature an important but balanced Solar access.

We ;
use cross ventilation at no additional cost when desired by the client ( cross ventilation requires openings on two sides of a room ),
shading of walls, doors and windows from direct hot summer sun ( at no additional cost ),
remove unwanted heat from a building ( with ventilating and or cross ventilating ).
Unlike hot humid climates with uncomfortable warm / humid nights, ventilation here is productive, and there is no need for some type of (solar) air conditioning although this would be very cost effective.

Zero energy building ( ZEB ) is gaining in importance and popularity.

The zero-energy approach is a potential solution to a range of social and environmental issues
such as reducing carbon emissions, reducing dependence on oil, fuel imports, and the use of fossil fuels in general, and increasing energy security against future energy crises.

In our project we especially focus on Net zero energy use.
Considering that we purchase energy used in the building process, and by our Villas, from 100% renewable energy sources, even if the energy is generated off site, it is sufficient to constitute a zero-energy Villa.
Your villa is located in a region with exceptional potential for generation of wind and solar energy and Brazil produces 90% of its electricity by hydropower.
The biggest wind farm of Latin America is located 25 km’s from your Villa.
Several other wind farms are already licensed and participating in an initiative of the State that subsidizes the production of alternative energies and will be operational soon.
The region which includes the condominium, is already self sufficient and even exporting alternative energy, and soon expanding its example to the whole of Rio Grande do Norte in the near future.
As an example, if we could all collectively use this type of ZEB villa, as part of self sufficient region, it would mean that there would be no burning of fossil fuels for domestic use and greatly reduce the production of CO².
Unfortunately this is not the case, and there are not enough ZEB houses available, and areas with surplus of alternative energy, but if you can invest yourself in such ZEB house in a self sufficient or surplus area, you for sure take a first and important step to protect the future.
Add this to the fact we produce our own mineral water, your villa is supplied to tap and pool with this, this reduces our dependency further.
The location and perfect climate we receive negates the need for air conditioning, your villa will always be fresh and well ventilated as it was designed to be, we focus on natural ventilation and cross-ventilation.
Additional technologies, such as solar, can be used to provide additional heated water and electricity to the villas so apart from low energy lighting and cooking, your villa is very energy efficient.
If you require or like the idea of solar technologies we need to include it in the initial design and construction which will, avoid the cost of doing so through a retrofit later on.
Most construction and projects will try to minimise building cost for their profit we are happy to increase our costs for you to be able to reduce energy demand and your operating costs by a significant amount.

Potential advantages of Zero Energy Building (ZEB):
Protection from energy price increases ( recession proof life ),
Increased comfort due to more uniform interior temperatures,
Higher resale value,
The value of a Zero Energy Building (ZEB) house or building relative to a similar conventional house or building increases as energy costs increase (and energy security decreases).

There are other issues that could be even more important, especially from investment standpoint and also regarding the quality of your life, holidays or stay here.

Solar microgeneration
This map shows the amount of solar energy in hours, received each day on an optimally tilted surface
during the worst month of the year

Fernando de Noronha