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Brazil is a country the size of a continent, with an area of 8,514,877 square km.
Situated in South America it is the largest country in the southern hemisphere.


  • With the Atlantic Ocean on its east coast. Brazil shares its borders with Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, and Columbian in the west.

  • Uruguay in the south.

  • Venezuela, Guyana,Suriname, and French Guyana in the North.

The Official language is Portuguese, and it's roughly 198 million inhabitants make it the sixth most populous country in the world.


The Brazilian Population is characterised by its great ethnic and cultural diversity. Music with Samba undertones and flare, and activities like Capoeira, a dance interpreted martial art. When most people think of Brazil they think of Carnival. This is without doubt the most famous of all Brazilian celebrations, it was probably introduced into the country in the 17th Century, but the first fancy dress was documented in 1820 in Rio de Janeiro and its popularity has spread it throughout the country, it officially takes place the four days preceding Ash Wednesday.


Brazil is world famous for its natural beauty, but is also becoming one of the world’s most powerful economies due to the size and strength of its industries and agriculture, and numerous resource reserves.
Between 15 and 20 percent of the earth's biological diversity is found in Brazil, and it's estimated that from a world total of 250,00 plant species 55,000 can be found in Brazil, as can the world's greatest variety of primates, amphibians and vertebrates.The Federal republic of Brazil comprises of 26 states, 1 federal district, and 5,561 municipalities, and it has a presidential government.
Running the executive body is the President of the republic, he has a four year mandate, with the right to be re-elected. He has Executive power over the municipalities, who are run individually by the mayors (prefeitos).